Open House

These are opportunities for you to visit us at our school. We offer students to shadow for a day in order to experience our format and meet other students. Please call us to schedule a day that works for you.

We also offer scheduled Open house visits and Mastery School Week. Our Mastery School Week is a week filled with fun themed days. Please see the link below to see what is happening and let us know if your child(ren) would like to join us for a day or two.

Please check our calendar of events for scheduled open house dates or call the school at (774) 294-5539 to schedule a tour.

Dress Code

Students must wear the required uniform which can be, but not limited to, purchased at Old Navy, Wal-Mart, or Target.

Gym uniform:

Students must wear gym uniforms and sneakers on each designated gym day. The Gym Uniform policy will be enforced from the start of the school year in September through June.

    • A mastery school t-shirt. These t-shirts will be sold the first week of school for a nominal fee. If we need to order a size for you then a solid grey t-shirt will be acceptable until you receive it.
    • Solid gray or black long sweatpants or solid gray or black sweat shorts.
    • Sneakers.

Inclement weather:

When boots are worn to school because of bad weather, students must bring their uniform shoes or sneakers to wear in the classroom. Proper footwear ensures good health and safety within the building.

Jewelry and Makeup Policy:
Small stud earrings may be worn by girls (no hoops or dangle earrings). This is for safety.

School Hours

Our school day is longer to accommodate in school project time and homework time. No homework is required to be accomplished at home, if the student stays the entire day, except for spelling and/or vocabulary studying.

Drop off time is as early as 7:30AM. Students are marked late if arriving after 8:10 AM.

Our pickup time is fluid.  Parents can arrive to pick up their children any time from 3:10 p.m. – 4:10 p.m. If a student leaves before their scheduled time they will go home with homework. This may be a math worksheet, reading, and studying spelling and vocabulary words. Students will be marked leaving early if picked up before 3:10 PM.

Any student arriving after 11:00 a.m. will be marked absent for the day.

If students are picked up after 4:25 PM there will be a late charge of $20.00 per student and for each 15 minutes after that an additional $20.00 will be charged. This charge must be paid within one month of the occurrence.


Instinctive use of technology is required for students to be successful. With that in mind students use school-provided computers regularly to accomplish a variety of tasks and assignments. Supervised access to computers introduces the youngest students to the computer as a necessary tool. Older students perform research, learn how to find authoritative sources of information and compile information on a digital platform.


Annual Tuition costs are $4,000 for Kindergarten through Grade 8 per school year. Pre-K tuition is $5,000 per school year. For all new families registering for the current school year the sibling discount will be 25%. There is also a $500 fundraising commitment for each family. This amount can be paid up front, as an additional $50.00 with tuition, or you can earn credit by running and/or participating in fundraisers.

  • Each family has the option to pay the tuition in full or budget payment for 10 months starting in August. Payments can be electronically withdrawn or a check may be written and due to the school no later than the 5th of the month.
  • A student Registration Form will be accepted only if a family’s tuition from the previous school year is paid in full.
  • Tuition payment for August must be paid in full in order for a student to begin school on opening day.
  • The balance of the tuition fees must be paid in full by May 15th. After that date, the school reserves the right to withhold final report narratives.

Financial Assistance:
Please complete the following form and submit to the school.

Tuition Refund Policy:

If a registered student leaves the Mastery School of Independent Learning, tuition will be paid for the month the student attends. The total monthly charge will apply if a student is in attendance for any part of that month.

Expulsion is an extreme disciplinary action that is taken only after unacceptable student behavior or performance has been addressed with both the student and parent(s) without successful resolution. In the event that a student is asked to leave the Mastery School of Independent Learning because of disciplinary problems, no tuition will be reimbursed.